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A&B Insurance Agency in Jacksonville FL is proud to work with more than 50 insurance providers to offer you the lowest rates possible on insurance policies for car insurance and all other aspects of your life. We offer policies other companies don't, including home insurance, workers compensation, business insurance and boat insurance. Don't wait until something happens to wish you had insurance. Talk to the experts today at A&B Insurance Jacksonville FL to see how we can bring you peace of mind without breaking the bank.

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Auto Insurance

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A&B Has the Insurance You Need

With A&B Insurance, you won't struggle to pay your premiums. We use the Progressive Snapshot device in order to offer you the lowest rate in car insurance. We cover cars, trucks and motorcycles to keep you on the road, no matter how you like to travel. If you make a living as a commercial truck driver, we have the insurance policy for you. Trust the expert insurance agents at A&B Insurance in Jacksonville FL for all of your insurance needs.